Sondra and Egan were married at Saltwater Restaurant. “Saltwater Restaurant was the perfect venue for us…so picturesque, and you can see the water from everywhere in the venue. It features high ceilings that make it feel spacious and lets in an abundance of natural light. We also wanted a venue that had an outdoor ceremony location, and if needed, a great spacious indoor option for the ceremony.”

“The ceremony was our favourite part of the day. It was so beautiful; blue skies shone, and the ocean waves crashed behind us. There is no feeling like walking down the aisle and marrying your person. It’s just so great!”

“We wanted a relaxed, fun wedding without the party stopping and starting. So, a cocktail-style reception was a must for us. Everyone was mingling and it was amazing to see everyone we loved, having such a great time celebrating our love. It went from a beautiful, relaxed vibe to full party vibe, very quickly!”

“Our styling theme was classically beautiful. Garden party florals…white, pinks, peach and green foliage. Oh, and fairy lights!”