Nikki and Liam were married at Bimbadgen Palmers Lane. “We are pretty laid-back and outdoorsy, and wanted our wedding to reflect this in being fun and relaxed in an open, yet private setting. We wanted guests to be able to arrive and enjoy themselves without the worry of moving between locations. Bimbadgen Palmers Lane, with its lovely, grassed courtyard, all-inclusive packages and delicious food and wine, fit the bill perfectly (plus they were wonderful throughout planning).”
“We were keen to make the day as reflective of us as possible, including the ceremony. Monty is an absolute larrikin and legend. He set such a fun, relaxed and light-hearted tone for the ceremony and we (and our guests) really enjoyed it.”
“Everything came together so that we could enjoy a special day that was fun and personal, celebrating our love and commitment to each other with our family and friends.”
“We love the rugged Australian landscape and looked to this for styling choices. During the planning, we opted for colourful native florals and used this as a colour brief for our bridal party, with room for everyone to choose their own styles and colours as they felt comfortable.We chose Zac Graham as our photographer. Not only because he has a good eye, but he was easy to hang out with (and also magically delivered our wishlist kangaroos on the day).”