Advertising Terms & Conditions

  1. Soluna Studio (the Publisher of Hunter Valley Vineyard Wedding Magazine & Website) reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertising for any reason at any time.
  2. Advertising is published on the understanding it has been supplied free from any violation or infringement of law. The Advertiser indemnifies and agrees to keep the Publisher, its servants, and agents, free against all liability, claims, procedures, losses and expenses arising from, but not limited to, slander of title, copyright and/or trademark infringement, defamation, violation to the right of publicity and/or privacy or any breach of the Trade Practices Act 1974.
  3. The Advertiser agrees to pay the Publisher the total amount of the invoice/s within the terms as set out by the Publisher including, but not limited to any additional fees applicable such as cancellation fees, late payment fees, debt collection fees, court costs, interest fees on overdue payment. All rates are GST exclusive.
  4. PAYMENT PLAN: This is a direct debit system supplied through a payment gateway and payments can be made from any nominated bank account or credit card with your first instalment to be debited between 7 and 14 days. It is your responsibility to have sufficient funds available in your nominated account, failing this you will be charged a fee for each unsuccessful debit additional to any fees charged by your own financial institution. A link to the full payment terms and conditions will be provided on your invoice. If your credit card expires or any changes are made to the bank account information supplied and funds cannot be debited for any reason it is your responsibility to update details with our office so as your payments can continue to be debited. If you miss any payments you must make a lump sum payment to ensure your overall contract is paid within the original agreed time frame.
  5. INVOICE PAYMENTS – For 1 Edition / 6 Month Booking: An invoice for full booking amount is payable on 30 day terms via credit card or direct deposit, payment methods detailed on invoice.
  6. INVOICE PAYMENTS – For 2 Edition / 12 Month Booking: A 25% non-refundable deposit of the full booking amount is payable within 14 days. 75% balance payments for each edition are due prior to publication. Payment methods detailed on invoices.
  7. The Agency and/or Advertiser is jointly and severally liable for the payment of invoices for published advertising. If final payment is not received on or before the due date LATE PAYMENT FEES will be added to your outstanding amount at the rate of 5% when the debt becomes 7 days overdue. A further 5% will be added when debt becomes 30 days overdue. Should any amounts become 45 days overdue a FINAL NOTICE will be issued giving the Advertiser 7 days to pay the outstanding amount. Should a final notice be ignored legal action will be initiated to recover debts without further notice. The Publisher reserves the right to add further debt collection fees to cover the cost of collecting any such debts. Enforced collection on this obligation may result in additional legal or court costs to you and may impair your credit rating.
  8. If an Advertiser cancels a magazine print booking for any reason prior to cancellation cut-off the Advertiser is liable for 25% of the FULL booking amount per edition. If an Advertiser cancels a booking for any reason after cut-off date, 100% of the advertising fees for that edition apply, even if the Advertiser does not wish their advertisement to be published. Cancellation cut-off date for Edition 22 is 23/8/19 and for Edition 23 cut-off is 13/3/20. An Advertiser can cancel online advertising, which has been booked separately to magazine advertising, by providing 3 months notice. If website and magazine advertising has been booked as a package and cancellations must be made according to the magazine print booking regulations detailed above. All cancellations require notice in writing to from an authorised representative of the Advertiser.
  9. Unless a preferred position premium (25% of total ad cost) is paid, any Advertiser instructions in relation to placement of the advertising are considered as a request only and as such the Publisher is not obliged to undertake said instructions. The Agency or Advertiser is still obliged to make payment for the advertising regardless of final placement.
  10. Any advertising artwork must be supplied as per the Publisher’s mechanical specifications. The Publisher may alter any supplied advertising that does not comply with artwork specifications in order to make it fit within the allocated space or meet quality standards. The Publisher will not accept any responsibility for these changes if not approved by the Advertiser.
  11. The Publisher will not accept any responsibility for the quality of reproduction of the advertising where the Publisher’s mechanical specifications have not been met.
  12. Any artwork created by the Publisher for and on behalf of the Advertiser, remains the copyright of the Publisher unless prior arrangement is made in writing between both parties. Additional copyright ownership fees will apply (these usually start from $250 + GST) if the Advertiser requires the Publisher to supply the artwork they have created to the Advertiser or a third party.
  13. Advertisers may not make any changes to their advertising after they have approved their advertising proof unless agreed by the Publisher.
  14. If advertising components or finished artwork are not received by the material deadline, the Publisher may insert previously submitted advertising in its place. Where previous advertising does not exist, the Publisher may omit the Advertisers advertisement all together. The Advertiser will still be liable for payment of the said advertising.
  15. The Publisher is not liable for the failure to publish or circulate any issue because of, but not limited to, strikes, accidents, terrorism, acts of nature and any event outside the Publishers control.
  16. The Publisher accepts no responsibility for any errors in amendments made by the Publisher to advertising supplied by the Advertiser unless published details differ from those approved by the Advertiser.
  17. The Publisher reserves the right to delay the date of publication and amend the closing dates for bookings and the supply of artwork for any reason at any time.
  18. The Publisher reserves the right to make enquiries relating to the Advertiser, its company, director/s and/or related entities (if applicable) in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.
  19. Any additional promotion of the Advertiser is at the discretion of the Publisher. There is no guarantee of use of any additional images (whether supplied by the Advertiser or photographed by the Publisher) or any editorial supplied to the Publisher. The Advertiser is still obliged to make payment for the advertising regardless of whether additional promotions were used or not.
  20. This contract is final and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all communications, negotiations, arrangements and agreements